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The Lichen project has been postponed indefinitely. For a number of reasons, such as our main locations and actor being completely tied up for the remainder of the former shooting schedule, it looks as though the official kabosh has been placed upon our movie. To all the cast and crew: Many thanks for all your work, I wish the best for all of you, perhaps we'll work together again someday. Of the sketches we did shoot, many hold water on their own, so I expect there will be hints and pieces of the project strewn about in various other works over time. Of what we did not, I'm considering making the script, our footage, and all my files relating to the project public domain, so that if by some odd chance somebody else wants to take on the project, they may do so. Moss wasn't great but it served its purpose, a last hurrah for a group of school buddies. I think it's fantastic that we attempted to extend that into one more hurrah, but as fate would have it, it's time to move on. It's not like me to give up on a project, especially one that I and my friends have already put so much time and effort into, but at some point a lost cause must be recognized and treated as such. To me, Moss and Lichen were more about being part of something big than having a final cut movie. In that respect, Lichen did not fail. Again, thanks to the cast and crew, you've all done very well. Peace.

-Owen, producer/director

Note: The remainder of this site is and will remain as it was before the project ended, as a tribute. I paid for two years of the domain http://m2.moss.net, and do not plan to renew when that expires in January 2001.

MOSS is an independantly produced movie created by a small group of idiots. Owen (me), the producer/director of the movie and webmaster of this site, is now working with many of the same people and some new talent towards another motion picture, LICHEN. LICHEN, also known as "M2", is not a sequel, nor is it a prequel. No, for these idiots a standard follow-up movie just wouldn't do. LICHEN is the world's first simultequel. This means both films take place at the same time, so, while the plot develops in MOSS, parallel and "the other side of" stories are happening in LICHEN. By the same token, the title "Lichen" is not a subtitle, and neither is "M2", they're simultitles. ;-)

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